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Stress & Anxiety

Examining the Synergy of Acupuncture and Meditation

Examining the Synergy of Acupuncture and Meditation

If you suffer from stress and anxiety (and really, who doesn’t?) and you are looking for better and holistic ways to cope, you might want to consider the combination of meditation and acupuncture. While there is a big difference between the two, what they bring together is a formidable duo in pursuit of complete wellbeing.  continue reading »

Healing Trauma The Holistic Way

Healing Trauma with Acupuncture

Trauma can be defined as emotional or physical and carries a weight with it for those who suffer from a traumatic event and the longer post-traumatic stress that can come from it. Fortunately, we live in a time where help is available. Taking a holistic approach can be a helpful tool to treating various forms of trauma and its impact on your health and body. continue reading »

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