Dominic Sembello, L.Ac.

Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist

If You Suffer from Chronic Pain or Other Ailments, and Prescription Drugs or Conventional Medicine have Failed to Produce Desired Results, there is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative


Stop suffering and start living a healthy and active life again. There is a natural, safe, effective and drug free alternative.

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Did you know the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health recognize the effectiveness of acupuncture for many disorders?

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Acupuncture FAQs

Acupuncture is just one form of therapy used within the coherent system of healing known as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
No one has ever died from acupuncture applied by a trained and licensed practitioner. Not a bad track record when you consider that the medicine is guesstimated to be more than 2,500 years old.

One of the great advantages of acupuncture is that, other than an occasional bruise, there are no side effects.

This is the most common question asked about acupuncture because many people associate needles with pain. Acupuncture needles are about the thickness of a dog’s whisker, so they are virtually painless when inserted.

This depends on the condition being treated. Although the acupoints are located throughout the entire body, usually the needles are placed on the extremities from your elbows down to your hands, and from your knees down to your feet. Other common areas include the abdomen, back, and ears.

Needles are individually wrapped and sterilized by the manufacturer. They are opened only when they are ready to be used, and afterwards, each needle is disposed of in a medical waste container.

About Me

Dominic is the Clinical Director of the Acupuncture Department.  He is Board Certified in acupuncture and has treated thousands of patients over the past 17+ years with a variety of health issues, diseases, and difficult to treat chronic pain and health conditions.   He holds a license to practice acupuncture in the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania (where he was raised).

After graduating from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine in 1997, he attended and graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, California. Pacific College is the largest and one of the most well respected colleges in the United States for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  As part of his education he was also formally trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine which is an important aspect of his practice.

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“A car accident left me with severe lower back pain and headaches. After seeking other treatment options and shying away from pain medications and injections, I turned to acupuncture. Like most people I was leary of the “needles” and nervous to start. Dominic, was very informative and calming. After just two weeks of treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement in my pain levels and frequency of pain. As the treatment progressed, it became obvious it was alleviating my symptoms. I felt energized, happier and practically pain free! I have recommended Health Source Acupuncture to everyone who is suffering from pain and wants to avoid medications and its side effects. Dominic and the entire staff were the greatest team of health professionals I have encountered.”

Valerie M.
“I have been dealing with terrible low back pain and working on my feet all day was so difficult, until I met Dominic! After I started treating with acupuncture I was sleeping better and thinking less and less about my pain and now I can go through work with taking any pain medicine! Dominic was so easy to talk to and has great bedside manners and really tries to get to the problem. I would definitely recommend acupuncture treatment as I know it helped me tremendously.”

Susan T.
Casino Supervisor
“My name is Patricia. I am a 49 year old woman who had been suffering from Fibromyalgia for 10 years before I started receiving acupuncture. What a difference when I did! My conditions improved in terms of my ability to move, my energy levels, I am not tired and my overall health condition has improved. I’m not the same person, my life has changed forever…NO PAIN!!! This was my last resort for treating health issues due to fibromyalgia. My doctor could not believe that I no longer have tender points.”

Patricia M.
NJ State Employee
“I had microdiscectomy surgery on my low back to help repair damage to my lumbar spine. Although the surgery did help, I still have low back pain that occasionally goes down my right leg. I am not a surgical candidate right now nor do I want to have another one so I decided to try acupuncture to help reduce some of my pain symptoms. It has made a positive improvement for me. The acupuncture seems to reduce the frequency and severity of my low back and leg pain. While the pain is not 100% gone, I am now able to do my regular activities and live my life with much less pain. I only occasionally get pain down my leg and when I do it is much less than before. I have made acupuncture treatment a part of my life to help keep me stay off the surgery table. I am happy with the results and have recommended my wife to get acupuncture too.”

Doug G.
School Teacher
“I have been suffering with migraine headaches for over fifteen years which is more than the majority of my life. Medications help slightly when I get them but they don’t prevent them from happening. When I get my headaches I often have to call out of work and lay down and sleep all day, it is terrible. On average I get them at least 2 times a month each and every month. After starting acupuncture, I didn’t get my first migraine for 6 weeks. I was amazed. It was the longest I have gone without a headache in 15 years. Since then I have only had one headache in three months. I know acupuncture is working for me and I look forward to continuing my treatments. This is the best thing I have tried and I am so happy with the results so far!”

Michele B.
Elementary School Teacher
“Before acupuncture I couldn’t play basketball if I wanted to everyday due to my low back pain. As I progressed through the treatments, the pain gradually decreased. Now, at the end of my treatments, I virtually have NO MORE PAIN before or after physical activity. I now play basketball 3 to 4 times a week and lift weights on the other days. I am so glad I don’t have to deal with the pain any longer. I would definitely recommend acupuncture for anyone that is dealing with pain. It made a huge difference in my life!”

Michael S.
College Student

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Health Source Acupuncture
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Phone: (609) 248-6922
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Payment Accepted:
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Monday to Thursday: 9AM – 6PM
Friday: 9AM – 4PM

Address & Hours

Health Source Acupuncture
401 New Rd #211
Linwood, NJ 08221
Phone: (609) 248-6922
Email: Click here

Payment Accepted:
Discover, Visa, MasterCard
Cash, and Check

Monday to Thursday: 9AM – 6PM
Friday: 9AM – 4PM

Health Source Acupuncture