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A Special Message From Dominic Sembello, L.Ac.

Health Source Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in Linwood

If you suffer with chronic pain, a chronic health illness or disease, or even an autoimmune related health condition you often face a grim reality.  Feelings of being discouraged, frustrated, or downright hopeless are often times the norm.

If conventional treatment options such as prescriptions drugs, surgeries, or other medical procedures or therapies have all failed to produce the desired results you want…THERE IS HOPE!

The vast majority of our patients have the exact same stories, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have been helping people achieve life changing results that they didn’t even think were possible for over two decades.

We specialize in helping people with chronic, difficult to treat, even unexplained illnesses or symptoms get results they didn’t even think were possible.


When it comes to treating chronic and long term health illnesses and diseases, the conventional medical treatment approach often times misses the mark.  As advances in medicine grow, why do we as a society keep getting sicker and sicker and not healthier? Things like chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, and inflammation related diseases are more common than ever.  In fact, these types of conditions and diseases are some of the most poorly managed in our current healthcare system which leaves millions of people suffering day after day and year after year with little hope of ever improving.  There has to be a better way!!!

Welcome to the future of healthcare with BECR™ 

Bio Electric Cellular Regeneration (BECR™) is a scientific based personalized treatment method that doesn’t just manage symptoms, it actually addresses the underlying reason why you are experiencing your health issues in the first place and then works to correct it.  BECR works with human physiology and biology, rather than against it, so you can unlock your bodies true healing potential.  


What Our Patients Are Saying

Success Stories

A car accident left me with severe lower back pain and headaches.  After seeking other treatment options and shying away from pain medications and injections, I turned to acupuncture.  Like most people I was leary of the “needles” and nervous to start.  Dominic, was very informative and calming.  After just two weeks of treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement in my pain levels and frequency of pain.  As the treatment progressed, it became obvious it was alleviating my symptoms.  I felt

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I have been suffering with migraine headaches for over fifteen years which is more than the majority of my life.  Medications help slightly when I get them but they don’t prevent them from happening.  When I get my headaches I often have to call out of work and lay down and sleep all day, it is terrible.  On average I get them at least 2 times a month each and every month.  After starting acupuncture, I didn’t get my first migraine for 6

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I am a 40 year old female that was seeking acupuncture because I was having constant mid and low back pain.  I really enjoyed the people in the office; they are very nice and friendly.  The acupuncture treatment rooms are so comfortable and relaxing and have nice music playing in the background.  Within one month I felt 90% better!  This treatment has improved my life and how I go on with my day to day activities.  NO MORE CONSTANT PAIN ALL DAY…Thank

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I have been dealing with neck pain and stiffness for almost one year.  I was diagnosed with two bulging discs in my neck.  It prevents me from doing normal activities like looking up, working, and lifting heavy objects.  I was referred to try acupuncture by my doctor and was open to the suggestion; I was just hoping that anything would help me at that point. My initial examination was very professional and thorough.  After starting the acupuncture treatments I started to

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I had microdiscectomy surgery on my low back to help repair damage to my lumbar spine. Although the surgery did help, I still have low back pain that occasionally goes down my right leg.  I am not a surgical candidate right now nor do I want to have another one so I decided to try acupuncture to help reduce some of my pain symptoms.  It has made a positive improvement for me.  The acupuncture seems to reduce the frequency and severity of

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Acupuncture has been very successful for me!  The needles have been placed in many different locations and have helped me significantly reduce the pain I was having in my right shoulder that accompanied the surgery I had to repair my rotator cuff.  Along with physical therapy, acupuncture has been working great.  I was amazed at how the acupuncture softened the visible scars I had and now, they are as soft as the skin around them!

I know that many people are hesitant

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We take a holistic, multi-teared, and an integrative approach designed to diagnose and treat the root cause of why the health issue occurred in the first place and then we work to correct it.  Based on human physiology and biology we know that all human beings are designed the same way.  In order to improve any chronic disease or chronic pain we need to improve the internal environment of the body at a cellular level in order to maximize the healing potential of the body which will allow for life changing results to occur.  

To be clear, even though we are all designed the same way as human beings, everyone has a different underlying root cause why their health issue occurred in the first place.  NO TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME!  Symptoms or diagnosis only tells us a small part of what is going on in your body.  This is why we have a specific and strategic process for diagnosing your underlying root causes and then we create a specific and personalized treatment program to address what needs to be corrected.

Services Offered at HSAIM


Acupuncture Treatment

Electron Adapted Neurotherapy


Dry Needling

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ATP Resonance BioTherapy™

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbs
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