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Pain relief from severe shoulder, arm, and neck pain

I was seeking pain relief from severe shoulder, arm, and neck pain after an automobile accident.  I had tried many other therapies like chiropractic care and physical therapy.  While these modalities helped me, I was still in pain.  I was then recommended to try acupuncture to help me further.  I must be honest, I was quite skeptical about how acupuncture could help me but I was willing to try anything so I would feel better.  Let me tell you, I was shocked by the results.  My overall experience with acupuncture was excellent.  The pain relief was dramatic and quite significant.  My pain level dropped over 80% and my range of motion improved significantly.  The treatments were quite painless and very relaxing.  I fell asleep on most visits! If you are in pain, I would absolutely recommend trying acupuncture.  It has helped me become almost pain free so I could get my life back to where it was before my car accident.

– Crystal P., 47, Lab Technician

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