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Are You Struggling to Conceive?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines infertility as a disease of the male or female reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. Infertility issues are more common than you might think and are even on the rise. Most recent statistics say that as many as one in every seven couples experience infertility.  It is projected that by the year 2025 it will be close to 10 million couples who will have difficulty getting pregnant.


First of all, in our clinic we treat human beings and no two women are exactly same even if two people are diagnosed the same.  With that said, below is a list of the most common reasons why people seek care in our office to help increase their chances of not only getting pregnant but having a baby.

  • Unexplained infertility
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Low Ovarian Reserve
  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • Stress

Goals of Treatment

While the obvious goal of treatment is to get pregnant and have a baby, first we must put your body in the most optimal state in order to achieve pregnancy.  We have pioneered an exclusive treatment solution called the R.O.S.E. Method.

In short, the R.O.S.E. Method does four main things to help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

  1. REGULATE-Regulate and balance hormone and menstrual cycles
  2. OPTIMIZE– Optimize egg quality, uterine health, and overall wellbeing
  3. STIMULATE-Stimulate hormone and follicle production
  4. EASE STRESS-Reducing stress is one of the most powerful and effective ways to allow your body to conceive.

When you focus on not one but all of these aspects in a strategic and specific plan, it allows your body the greatest chance to get pregnant.

Fertility Treatment  Options

When it comes to treating infertility due to any reason, or diagnosis, it’s important to know you have options. Whether you are still trying to conceive naturally, or are going the fertility clinic route like IUI’s, IVF, or even using donor eggs there is hope!  At Health Source Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine we have been helping couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents or adding to their family for over two decades. 

The R.O.S.E. Method is a painless, drug free, non-invasive and most importantly, natural medical treatment solution developed by Dr. Dominic Sembello, L.Ac.

The R.O.S.E. Method is our exclusive treatment solution and treats the root cause of any fertility issue because it allows your body to do what it needs to do.  At the end of the day whether your doing IVF or trying naturally, your body still has to take over in order to achieve a pregnancy and have a baby. We seamlessly integrate  acupuncture with FDA approved medical technology in a specific combination and at specific times during your cycle to maximize your bodies ability to get pregnant.  Most of our patients achieve successful pregnancies and childbirth for those that follow our proven approach. 

Over the course of over two decades, we have helped couples start a family when they had almost given up hope or didn’t think the dream of become a mother or parent were possible. 

Are You Ready To Find Out If We Can Help You?

What To Expect

During your consultation appointment you should expect…

Or call today at 609-745-1216 to schedule your appointment.

Our Promise To You


During your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique situation.        No two people going through infertility are exactly the same even if they have the same diagnosis. We want to understand you unique situation and journey.


  • Can we actually help you?
  • What are your treatment options?
  • How many treatments are needed?


If our clinic or treatment options are not right for you, we’ll tell you.  We don’t want to waste your time, we are here to help you.  We are happy to point you toward another doctor, or clinic, or treatment option, if possible.


You might be asking yourself, "Why should I do this now?"

The reality is...we are not sure you even need any help, we haven't even met you. 

You could certainly keep waiting month after month to achieve a positive pregnancy test, and that is perfectly fine and definitely one option. 

Another option is to take a possible different approach to  increase your chances so you can get pregnant.

The good news is you do have options and the choice is yours to make!

Well...we are not quite sure it would yet.  Did we really just say that?

We would have to meet you first and find out about your unique fertility journey and situation as no two people are exactly the same. That is exactly why the first step in our office is to come in for a consultation.

The reality is there is no guarantee that any medical procedure or treatment will work.  If someone gives you a guarantee that a treatment will work, turn and run the other way.

If after meeting you, if we feel strongly we could help put you and your body in the best position possible to increase your chances for pregnancy we can discuss your options.  If we feel that other options might be better for you, we will tell you that too.

When it comes to female reproductive health, yes age is certainly one factor.

This is why time is so important. If you are older in terms of reproductive age, there definitely is some limitations but it's still possible to get pregnant.  The oldest woman in our office we helped get pregnant was 47 and now she has a healthy baby boy.

Now, we haven't met you yet, which is why you have to come in for the consultation, so we can understand more about your unique situation and find out if we could actually help you.

Oh my goodness, what a great question!!!

We have helped many women over 20 years get pregnant and more importantly have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Our proven track record of success stories for those that seek care at our office speak for themselves. 

We understand that you are probably skeptical or even doubtful that you can even be helped, and you know what...that makes total sense.  This is exactly what most women tell us during the consultation, that they are beginning to lose hope.  

We haven't even met yet, which is the reason why we have you come in for a consultation in the first place.  Once we have a better understanding of your current situation, we can then discuss possible options if what we do can actually help you.

YES!  While we can't guarantee you get pregnant we do have a guarantee. 

We can guarantee that if you don't make an appointment, you will never find out if we could possibly help increase your chances of getting pregnant and more importantly have a baby.

So the better might be to ask yourself is...  What's riskier?  Staying in the "status quo" and hoping and praying that the next cycle you get a positive pregnancy test OR making an appointment to find out if the treatment options we offer could possibly help speed up the time you need to get pregnant or increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Their is certainly no right or wrong answer... BUT the good news is that the choice is YOURS to make.

Our office is located at 401 New Road, Suite 100 in Linwood New Jersey.   Below is a google map for your convenience!

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