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BioTech Acupuncture™

Transform Your Health and Life With BioTech Acupuncture™

Traditional Acupuncture vs BioTech Acupuncture™

While Traditional Acupuncture has been time tested for thousands of years, our westernized and modern life and lifestyle has created more serious and chronic illnesses that never existed before.

The problem is that traditional acupuncture by itself is often times not enough to help people get the results they want especially when suffering with today’s most challenging and chronic health conditions.

Fortunately there is research, modern science, and new technology that now exists that didn’t exist in the past.

Welcome to the cutting-edge and modernized solution called BioTech Acupuncture™ which is exclusively offered at Health Source Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine. 

young woman undergoing acupuncture treatment at the health spa.
BioTech Acupuncture™

Benefits of BioTech Acupuncture™

  • Expands the ability to treat today’s most challenging and chronic health conditions
  • More predictable and consistent results
  • Faster clinical outcomes
  • Less needles used
  • More relaxed experience
  • Accelerated healing
  • Improves patient satisfaction

What is BioTech Acupuncture™


BioTech Acupuncture™ bridges the gap between traditional acupuncture and modern day science and biotechnology. By combining the best of modern technology and traditional acupuncture in a specific way, we are able to get results for our patients that they didn’t even think were possible.

BioTech Acupuncture™ unlocks your bodies healing potential and works to correct the root cause of chronic pain and chronic health issues.  


electro acupuncture

Can BioTech Acupuncture™ Help You?

What To Expect

During your consultation appointment you should expect…

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Our Promise To You


During your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique situation.  No two people are the same and symptoms manifest differently for everyone. We want to understand you and what you are going through.


  • Can we help you?
  • What are your treatment options?
  • How many treatments are needed?


If our clinic or treatment options are not right for you, we’ll tell you.  We don’t want to waste your time, we are here to help you.  We are happy to point you toward another doctor, or clinic, or treatment option, if possible.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Success Stories

I am a 40 year old female that was seeking acupuncture because I was having constant mid and low back pain.  I really enjoyed the people in the office; they are very nice and friendly.  The acupuncture treatment rooms are so comfortable and relaxing and have nice music playing in the background.  Within one month I felt 90% better!  This treatment has improved my life and how I go on with my day to day activities.  NO MORE CONSTANT PAIN ALL DAY…Thank

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My name is Patricia.  I am a 49 year old woman who had been suffering from Fibromyalgia for 10 years before I started receiving acupuncture.  What a difference when I did!  My conditions improved in terms of my ability to move, my energy levels, I am not tired and my overall health condition has improved.  I’m not the same person, my life has changed forever…NO PAIN!!!  This was my last resort for treating health issues due to fibromyalgia.  My doctor could not believe

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I was having problems with my shoulder and did not want to continue the cortisone shots the orthopedic doctor had given me. Despite the shots I was still in a great deal of pain which kept me up at night and interfered with my active lifestyle, especially my golf game.  A friend suggested trying Acupuncture and my shoulder has become as good as new.

I really look forward to going for Acupuncture treatments. I find the office so friendly and the treatments

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I was seeking pain relief from severe shoulder, arm, and neck pain after an automobile accident.  I had tried many other therapies like chiropractic care and physical therapy.  While these modalities helped me, I was still in pain.  I was then recommended to try acupuncture to help me further.  I must be honest, I was quite skeptical about how acupuncture could help me but I was willing to try anything so I would feel better.  Let me tell you, I was shocked

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I have been dealing with terrible low back pain and working on my feet all day was so difficult, until I met Dominic!  After I started treating with acupuncture I was sleeping better and thinking less and less about my pain and now I can go through work with taking any pain medicine!  Dominic was so easy to talk to and has great bedside manners and really tries to get to the problem.  I would definitely recommend acupuncture treatment as

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A car accident left me with severe lower back pain and headaches.  After seeking other treatment options and shying away from pain medications and injections, I turned to acupuncture.  Like most people I was leary of the “needles” and nervous to start.  Dominic, was very informative and calming.  After just two weeks of treatment I noticed a remarkable improvement in my pain levels and frequency of pain.  As the treatment progressed, it became obvious it was alleviating my symptoms.  I felt

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