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It has made a positive improvement for me

I had microdiscectomy surgery on my low back to help repair damage to my lumbar spine. Although the surgery did help, I still have low back pain that occasionally goes down my right leg.  I am not a surgical candidate right now nor do I want to have another one so I decided to try acupuncture to help reduce some of my pain symptoms.  It has made a positive improvement for me.  The acupuncture seems to reduce the frequency and severity of my low back and leg pain.  While the pain is not 100% gone, I am now able to do my regular activities and live my life with much less pain.  I only occasionally get pain down my leg and when I do it is much less than before.  I have made acupuncture treatment a part of my life to help keep me stay off the surgery table.  I am happy with the results and have recommended my wife to get acupuncture too.

– Doug G., 33, School Teacher

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