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I can’t quite pinpoint how it works but IT DOES!

I was recommended to try acupuncture by my Chiropractor.  I have structural issues with the curvature of my spine and my mid back is always tight and in spasm.  I can’t quite pinpoint how it works but IT DOES!  Not only did it help me with my pain levels and muscle tightness it helped me relax and alleviated a lot of stress at the same time.  During the treatments for some reason I was able to achieve a level of rest that I otherwise never get at home.  I feel that adding acupuncture along with my chiropractic care really worked very well together.  Even if I didn’t have health insurance coverage, to me it would have been well worth the investment of time and money.  I would recommend acupuncture for anyone who is looking to feel better!

– Sean O., 32, HS Guidance Counselor

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