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Will my insurance cover acupuncture?

Our mission is to help as many people as possible live healthy, happy, productive lives filled with everlasting joy and purpose.

Our sole focus is on patient care and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.  With over two decades of clinical experience helping thousands of people, your unique health situation requires a personalized approach and is NOT based on your health insurance policy or insurance coverage.  Most health insurance plans these days are very restrictive and provide very little coverage for the services we provide in our office which actually prevents you from getting the results you want to achieve.  

We work for you to help you get the results you are looking to achieve…         NOT an insurance company.

Our office is an out of network provider with all insurance companies. If your health insurance plan has out of network acupuncture benefits, our office will provide you with a receipt and forms with all the proper information needed that you can submit directly to your insurance company for any eligible reimbursement. The good news is that you are the one in charge of your health decisions, not an insurance company.

The first step on your path to achieve your health and wellness goals is to schedule your initial consultation.

During your consultation you will meet with our Acupuncture specialist Dominic Sembello, L.Ac. so he can better understand your current health situation and discuss as well as the specific results you are looking to achieve.

Your medical history, duration of current symptoms, severity of symptoms, loss of function, and other factors have to be evaluated first in order to find out if what we do could even help you. If it is determined that you could benefit from the medical services we provide in our office, a personalized step by step plan will be recommended based on the desired results you are looking to achieve.  At this time a good faith estimate and the investment needed to help you achieve the results you want will be discussed prior to any treatment being received.

For your convenience we accept cash, credit card, check, Care Credit, health savings accounts (HSA’s), and medical flex spending accounts. We also have payment plan options for certain programs we offer.

If you are interested to find out if what we offer could actually help you, Click Here to find out more information about scheduling your consultation.

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