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Healing Trauma The Holistic Way

Healing Trauma with Acupuncture

Trauma can be defined as emotional or physical and carries a weight with it for those who suffer from a traumatic event and the longer post-traumatic stress that can come from it. Fortunately, we live in a time where help is available. Taking a holistic approach can be a helpful tool to treating various forms of trauma and its impact on your health and body.

A holistic option to treat both the physical symptoms that can come from experiencing trauma as well as the processing of emotions that follows. And the research is backing this up. A 2007 randomized controlled pilot trial found that, “acupuncture may be an efficacious and acceptable non exposure treatment option for PTSD.”

A 2019 study from Italy found that acupuncture improved both the mental and physical symptoms associated with PTSD. Researchers looked at the effects of acupuncture on survivors of a major earthquake in Italy that caused 300 deaths and left 30,000 people homeless. Researchers found that prior to treatment, approximately 70% of the study subjects reported symptoms associated with PTSD. They also found that after the third acupuncture treatment both the physical symptoms like musculoskeletal pain and mental symptoms like anxiety and depression from the trauma significantly improved with 60% of the patients in the study.

If you suffer from the effects of physical or emotional trauma, you might want to consider giving our office a call to find out if the solutions we office could help you.  

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